Arts Marketing Insights book cover

Arts Marketing Insights

The Dynamics of Building and Retaining Performing Arts Audiences

by Joanne Scheff Bernstein

About the Book

Arts Marketing Insights offers managers, board members, professors, and students of arts management the ideas and information they need to market effectively and efficiently to customers today and into the future.

Joanne Scheff Bernstein presents concepts and strategies that address the changing lifestyles, needs, interests, and preferences of current and potential audiences. She helps readers understand the mind-set of performing arts attenders and how to provide excellent customer service. She demonstrates that arts organizations can benefit by expanding the meaning of "valuable customer" to include single ticket buyers. She offers guidance on long-range marketing planning and explains how to leverage the Internet and e-mail as powerful marketing channels.

Arts Marketing Insights is replete with vivid case studies and examples that illustrate the author's strategic principles in action from organizations large and small in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and other countries.

This book combines the best of proven marketing wisdom with viable new ideas and approaches that arts marketers can adopt to help their organizations thrive while realizing their artistic missions.

Chapter Titles

  1. The State of the Performing Arts Attendance and the State of Marketing
  2. Exploring Characteristics of Current and Potential Performing Arts Audiences
  3. Understanding the Consumer Mind-Set
  4. Planning Strategy and Applying the Strategic Marketing Process
  5. Using Strategic Marketing to Define, Deliver, and Communicate Value
  6. Delivering Value Through Pricing Strategies
  7. Conducting and Using Market Research
  8. Leveraging the Internet and E-mail Marketing
  9. Identifying and Capitalizing on Brand Identity
  10. Building Loyalty: Subscriptions and Beyond
  11. Valuing the Single Ticket Buyer
  12. Focusing on the Customer Experience and Delivering Great Customer Value